To teach an investigator and have them become better at their job generates a higher quality work product with effective use of time, otherwise known as time management.

Improved worker proficiency and operational cost savings are the cornerstones of a proactive managerial consultant.

Craig has no intention of becoming “a hired gun” to act as a consultant for either a prosecutor or criminal defense lawyer in a criminal case proceeding.

He will however, continue to offer pro bono advice to his local law enforcement friends as a way of paying tribute to the community who has supported his endeavors over the years.

More importantly though, Craig offers pro bono case consultations and advice to any of his course attendees as a way of assisting them in their educational advancement.

He views case consultations with previous course attendees as relevant ongoing education.



* Please note the pro bono / free advice does not include "out of pocket" associated expenses should travel be involved, re: court etc.