Over the past few years I get the occasional email asking when I will be teaching next and where will it be located. A simple question to ask a travelling instructor.
Starting back in 2006 I have taught 34 courses to date (November 11, 2018), where I have instructed to over 500 professionals.  In addition to this I have assisted and been part of nine Institutes on Bloodstain Evidence presented by Herb L. MacDonell (2005-2010). I have also been part of Forensic Pieces Training team (2015-2016) and am currently listed as an instructor with TriTech Forensics.
After participating in nearly 50 one week courses, 2019 marks the first year I am posting my anticipated training schedule for the coming calendar year.  Please note this schedule is somewhat hydrophobic in nature as the ovals indicating a teaching week may be there one week and gone the next without leaving a trace.
I have coded them:
Any of these courses are $550.00 per person. If your agency is large enough and in need of training many at once, this cost can be substantially reduced for I can offer an all-encompassing class price.
I am currently working on the curriculum to deliver an “advanced” BPA class.  I taught such a class in 2015 with colleague Dr. Daniel Attinger, however that curriculum has been dropped. As of now I am slated to teach a new version of an Advanced BPA class in the fall of 2019. The first class will be in Las Vegas and 6 weeks later in Pittsburgh. This will be a solo endeavour.
The primary areas of discussion will include:

  • The use of Hemospat Computer Software
  • ALS
  • Textiles
  • Chemicals

If you are interested in attending any of these posted classes please contact me.

Or if you recognize and can appreciate the financial advantage of having me attend your facility during a period I am open, please reach out to me. Hosting immediately earns you at least one free seat in the class plus you save by not spending for travel, hotel and other out of pocket expenses for each person sent out of state.
Thanks again for showing enough interest in reviewing my material.
Best regards,



Here is the See More Forensics Course Calendar