Craig retired after 30 years service in 2015 from a municipal police department similar to that of a county sheriff’s office with approximately 650 sworn & 350 civilian members. He had 16 years dedicated to the forensic unit. As a student of BPA, his first one week course was in 1997. The instructors were Herb MacDonell and Paul Kish, both of Corning New York. After that he enrolled into an understudy program under the tutelage of Staff Sergeant Pat Laturnus (retired) of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. This also included two senior analysts from Ontario’s Centre of Forensic Science, located in Toronto, and an analyst with the Ontario Provincial Police. This apprenticeship successfully concluded 14 months later in August 1998 by way of a mock trial conducted at the Centre of Forensic Science in their courtroom furnished training studio.


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