Craig C. Moore is a retired police officer (since 2015) with 30 years of service, where 16 years was with the Forensic Services Unit. He teaches Bloodstain Pattern Analysis on three levels and is considered both, a BPA subject matter expert and managerial consultant.

In the capacity of a managerial consultant, Craig gives you the tools to discern what would otherwise literally be a “bloody mess” into pieces of physical evidence.

This can only be accomplished by educating. Investigative personnel and supervisors alike can be taught to efficiently gather this evidence in a systematic approach.

Level 1 / Basic Course The IABPA and the IAI have “officially approved” the Basic Course.  This status is necessary for membership into the IABPA and for BPA Certification with the IAI. The ABMDI has recognized the course for continuing education hours.
Level 2 / Intermediate Course
A time tested and refined 40 hour class.
Level 3 / Advanced Course Follows the guidelines stipulated by the IABPA.

In an effort to stretch your limited training budget dollar, Craig comes to you, to teach, educate and develop those who have a desire to learn.  He believes your training budget is for training, and is not to be used for travel, hotel or meal expenses as is the case when you send someone out for training.

The price is $550.00 (US) and includes all necessary equipment, materials and a professionally developed course manual.  This price per student is all inclusive and there will never be any additional fees or hidden costs.

Craig offers a BPA Understudy Program. Being both a protégé and a mentor in the BPA Understudy Program originally spearheaded by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) he knows firsthand and offers a similar program, which mimics many of the apprenticeship philosophies identified through SWGSTAIN.  His program mandates he must meet with and attend your facility to best appreciate and help overcome various learning obstacles.  Please note the price per individual varies where a fair and reasonable price cannot be stated here.

Craig is very much a professional educator as both he and or the courses have been POST certified at the state level.

The home page image uses the local hockey rink as the backdrop (after all he is Canadian).   It is cursor sensitive.  Please click on the displayed pieces of lab equipment Craig routinely transports to his class.  These open to additional images that will give you a better insight and appreciation of the various practical experiments he uses.

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